Driftwood Mod Series: Lemon Lift

This series on 12″ x 12″ x 7/8″ birch panel (small pieces that are easy to find space for) was inspired by the modernism of the 1960s, when abstract art that employed graphic black and white was fashionable. These pieces use a limited palette of blacks/whites/grays/one color.

I’m not a very nostalgic person at all, but I do remember the exciting hope for the future that the bold, avante-garde design of the sixties captured. Not everyone appreciated the Mod minimalism that came out of that time, but its sheer creative spirit, which produced something that looked really new when the world and information moved a lot more slowly than it does today, is something to marvel at.

This piece is called Driftwood Mod: Lemon Lift. I feel that yellow should be more appreciated than it is. One of my very favorite colors! It lifts the mood. Yet there’s something a little gritty and industrial here, and I love that kind of thing too.

$100 (US shipping is free): paypal.me/suzannechampion (via Alchemy Antiques).

In your message, please refer to “Lemon Lift.”

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