Art Bio

In the arts-rich Northeast of the United States, my continual childhood projects included building tiny grass-and-stick villages in the yard, drawing, embroidery, calligraphy, dance, knitting, and more. I minored in art history as a college undergrad and hold a master’s degree in that subject from Tufts University. After a few years in Central Ohio and then California’s Silicon Valley, my husband, Jason (a software engineer and musician), and I arrived in Oregon in 2012. As I experienced more and more of the Portland area’s lively art scene, I felt that painting, a vocation that had waited patiently for its day, had to take a more central role in my life.

Artist Statement

I think in pictures and visualize everything. My mind’s eye looks for what we can’t see in the world, so abstraction resonates with me deeply—yet physical materials of all kinds, and the ways that things are made, have been of intense fascination. My pieces often incorporate metallic tones and/or recall the effects of oxidation and decay or aged and worn industrial coatings. Material fascinations have driven my jewelry collecting, the graduate study I did of medieval treasury objects, and my past years as a dealer in vintage items and antiques. Another lifelong interest has been letterforms and their evolution, aesthetics, and design.

Currently, I’m all about experiments, and odd randomness in the studio is welcome. Though my main medium is acrylic paint, I like working on supports from paper to canvas to panel and adding various media such as inks, collage elements, shiny inclusions, and textural materials.