Art Events

December, 2017–and the Portland art scene is hot!

December is a big month in the Portland art scene. The galleries in the Pearl are having their customary openings on First Thursday next week with all kinds of new work; First Friday is happening with galleries and artist spaces on the east side tonight–but possibly the biggest event of the year, our well-loved art show and sale called the “Big 500,” is opening at the end of next week (December 9), with a second opening event the weekend after that. I’ve got 10 pieces in the show. Every item is only $40–a fabulous opportunity to collect all kinds of fun little work on 8″ x 8″ panels! I looove this show, and this is its 10th year!

A few of my Big 500 pieces are up for preview on this site right now. Can’t wait to go and see all the colorful art! I’m sure we’ll be picking up a few new pieces there…we do that every year. 😀

Going on Record: a Westside ArtShare show @ Insomnia Coffee, Hillsboro, OR

We in the Westside ArtShare art group have put on a show at Insomnia Coffee Company on Baseline Road in Hillsboro, OR. We created our art on old vinyl records, and most of the pieces take their inspiration from music. Each record is mounted on a wood panel and is ready to hang.

Here’s an installation view of some of the art.



My pieces relate to modern classical works from the second half of the 20th century.

Lux Aeterna (acrylic, collage, vinyl, wood)

Lux Aeterna
Lux Aeterna

The Ballad of Cities (acrylic, vinyl, wood):


The Ecstasy of Gold (acrylic, collage, vinyl, wood):


Sabre Dance (acrylic, collage, vinyl, wood):



Gondwana (acrylic, vinyl, wood).



Mini-series of “b/q” paintings at BenWill Gallery in Portland

BenWill show, 12-10-15.

(photo: Mark Haggstrom)

Three of my small paintings from the “b/q” series were accepted into the Art Collective Year’s End show that opened at the BenWill Gallery in Portland on December 10, 2015. (They are just below the portrait of John Lennon between the first two lamps on the wall.) The party was well attended and lots of fun! Thanks so much to Ben Williamson and his lovely cast of volunteers and other helpers.